5 Points To Stick To When Writing A Research Paper Ethics In Business

As the world gets smaller, business ethics continues to grow in importance. To learn more about the important topic, instructors assign research papers to their students. As students are writing their research papers, there are several important points that they should talk about throughout the paper. These topics prove to the instructor that you know exactly what business ethics are about.

Here are five important factors to consider when writing about business ethics:

  1. Follow the rules of writing.
  2. Even though the topic is about business, you should always use the methods that you learned in your English classes. Your paper should include an introduction with a hook and thesis. You should have body paragraphs with topic sentences and supporting details. You should also have a conclusion that ties up the paper.

  3. Use keywords relating to ethics.
  4. Your instructor will want to see that you know the language associated with the topic. So you should include words like honesty and loyalty, integrity and fairness, law-abiding, trustworthiness, and reputation. If there are special words that your instructor expects to see, keep a checklist so you know you have included them.

  5. Never plagiarize.
  6. Since you are going to conduct research, you will need to be sure that you always include the source of the material you find. Make sure you have the style manual on hand so you know how to properly cite sources and document them in your paper. There are websites that can help you with the actual citation. Since most of them are free, use them, but be sure to use them the right way.

  7. Write the correct number of words.
  8. If your instructor requires you to write a minimum number of pages or a minimum number of words, it is in your best interest to exceed that number. You do not have to go crazy and write double what was assigned, but if you are required to write five pages, then make sure your paper goes onto a sixth piece of paper. If you need to write 2000 words, be sure to write at least 2100 words. Teachers are not impressive if you cannot meet a minimum word or page requirement and they will most likely deduct points from your grade for not meeting the requirement.

  9. Always edit your work.
  10. It is difficult to edit your own work, but fortunately, there are plenty of online sites with dissertation writers for hire, that will do it for you for free. Use them to check your grammar and don’t just accept everything they suggest. Think about the suggestions and only use the one that add to the quality of your paper.

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