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The Standing Commission

The 31st International Conference held in November 2011 elected the Standing Commission for the following 4 years, until the next conference in 2015.
The Standing Commission Chairman is Greg Vickery, Australia, and the Vice-Chair is Steve Carr, USA.

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The 2011 Council of Delegates

The 2011 Council held a one-day meeting on November 26, at the International Conference Centre in Geneva.
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31st International Conference

The Conference took place in Geneva from 28 November to 1st december 2011. It is the highest deliberative body of the RCRC Movement and brings together representatives of all 186 National RCRC Societies and the 194 States Party to the Geneva Conventions.

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Three Henry Dunant medals for outstanding humanitarian service were awarded at a ceremony in Geneva on November 26, 2011. The medal is the highest distinction of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

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Uniting the Red Cross Red Crescent World

The Standing Commission (SC) is the trustee of the International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, which is the highest deliberative body of the Movement, meeting every four years.

Between Conferences, the Standing Commission provides strategic guidance in the interest of all components of the Movement.

Its functions are described in article 18 of the Statutes of the Movement, and have been further developed in Council of Delegates (CoD) and International Conference resolutions.

In addition to its responsibilities regarding arrangements for International Conferences and meetings of the Council, the Standing Commission shall:

  • promote harmony in the work of the Movement and, in this connection, coordination among its components
  • encourage and further the implementation of resolutions of the International Conference;
  • examine, with these objects in view, matters which concern the Movement as a whole.

A further purpose is, in consultation with the ICRC, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and National Societies, to provide strategic guidance in matters, which concern the Movement as a whole. It is not operational.

It prepares Movement-wide policies such as the Strategy for the Movement, which aim at harmonious coordination and cohesion in action, building on the strengths and specific mandates of each component.

It is the one body on a permanent basis for the Movement where all components are represented and which meets on a regular basis.


CoD 2013 Documents
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Standing Commission Election
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“I dream of a Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement that has a global moral authority and can call
the attention of the world to humanitarian issues of concern, a Movement, which independently chooses
which issues to focus on” Henry Dunant