Creating A Research Paper Outline On Cyberbullying In College

When the world of the internet began, it was a groundbreaking moment for the entire world to experience. Before it was created and widely used the main ways of communication for individuals was newspapers, snail mail, and television (for news purposes). Now we have the luxury of having the world at the tip of our fingers (metaphorically speaking). Whether it is on our desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or cell phones, we have access to the internet at our discretion.

However, while there are amazing pros to the internet, there are unfortunate negatives that come along with it. Cyberbullying is a common issue that individuals deal with on a daily basis. While much progress is being made in regards to physical/in-person bullying, just as much (if not more) needs to be done for cyberbullying as well.

Today we are going to share with you how you can approach creating an outline for your research paper covering cyberbullying. We hope that you take this situation serious as it is, in fact, something no one should experience ever.

Why are cyber bullies actively violent?

The entire purpose of bullies is to pick simply on someone that they deem weak or easy to poke fun of. Unlike physical/in-person bullies, cyberbullies do not necessarily show their face at all. Today cyberbullies also buy another alias (trolls) as well. There is no sense of accountability for cyber bullies because to catch them they have to show their photo(s) online and/or it has to be proven exactly whom it is (which can be a hard task).

Steps to helping the victims feel safe online

There are a variety of steps one can take to making sure that they are safe online.

  1. Make social media accounts private.
  2. Only accept individuals that you truly know.
  3. Monitor the activity on their social media accounts.

Understand that the internet is not a bad place

The internet was not created for the sole purpose of cyberbullies to use. Unfortunately bad apples slip through the cracks at times. It is possible to feel safe on the internet as preventative measures have and can be setup in place as needed.

As you can see creating an outline for cyberbullying can be simple or intricate depending upon how detailed you would like to be. Overall the three main points that we have covered can create an amazing research paper together. You can also break each topic down individually into their own individual topics as well if you would like.

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